Mobile research laboratories to encourage young talents

Taking part, trying things out, discovering personal talents and having fun - this is how to awaken young people's fascination. This is precisely the aim of the mobile research laboratories that are being developed as part of the InnovationCampus Future Mobility (ICM) in the so-called DEMO projects. The mobile demonstrators are designed to get pupils or students interested in the respective STEM discipline before they graduate. They are utilized in various settings such as classrooms, school playgrounds, study and career guidance fairs, project days, school workshops, science courses, and events like TryScience and Girls' Day.

Thematically aligned with the ICM's three research areas focusing on future mobility solutions, the DEMO projects offer young talents opportunities to engage with innovative concepts. They can digitally simulate innovative mobility solutions within miniature cities, build robotic arms equipped with sensors, experience the software-controlled dynamics of autonomous miniature vehicles, or construct and oversee miniature vehicle testing setups. Sounds huge? Indeed, it is—yet only in terms of content, as some research laboratories can be packed into a wheeled suitcase.