The research field Mobility Technologies

The research field Mobility Technologies focuses design of sustainable mobility systems and research into associated key technologies. In order to jointly manage the transformation of mobility and enable climate-friendly individual and public transportation, our scientists are working today on the vehicles of tomorrow.

Our proclaimed goal is to research highly attractive mobility solutions and to refine the use of public traffic space so that experience, availability, sustainability and resource conservation are realized simultaneously. We achieve this through excellent research projects at all levels of the mobility system. From comprehensive mobility concepts and the influences at the societal and political level over electric vehicles and completely new components and construction methods all the way to methods and processes of product development.

The intersecting areas Manufacturing for Mobility and Software-defined Mobility link this research field with the two research fields Manufacturing Systems and Software-System-Architectures.

Research field and topics

In the research field Mobility Technologies, research is conducted on comprehensive and sustainable solutions for mobility components:

  • Short-term implementation and long-term enablement through collaborative research
  • Supporting companies through innovation formats

Marcel Noeller

Research Coordinator "Mobility Technologies"

+49 721 608 45636