The research field Software-System-Architectures

Setting up suitable processes enables convergent communication and architectures, which in turn create the foundations for building a trustworthy data structure. In the field of production technology, this will pave the way away from rigid and inflexible production systems. In addition, in the mobility field, the use of innovative software solutions is driving the forward-looking development of upgrade-capable vehicle systems.

The research field is composed of the two interface areas Software-defined Manufacturing to the research field Mobility Technologies, and Software-defined Mobility to the research field Manufacturing Systems. While the Software-defined Manufacturing research area focuses on software-supported modeling, design and specification of production systems, scientists in the research area Software-defined Mobility investigate vehicle networking, predictive software development, lifecycle considerations and the configurability of mobility systems.

Research field and topics

  • Software-defined Mobility in the intersection with the research field Mobility Technologies
  • Software-defined Manufacturing in the intersection with the research field Manufacturing Systems

Houssem Guissouma

Research Coordinator "Software-System-Architectures"

+49 172 9830585