The research field Manufacturing Systems

The research field Manufacturing Systems pursues the vision of a simultaneously highly productive, flexible and sustainable production. Production systems and manufacturing processes, along with new mobility solutions, offer the greatest potential for reducing emissions and achieving greater sustainability. At the same time, local manufacturing is the guarantor of prosperity and employment in our society. The current focus of the research field is the development of production systems that meet these goals, for example through hybrid and integrated process chains and universal manufacturing technology.

For example, scientists in the junior research group "Universal Machine" are conducting research into key technologies for digitized, flexible and location-independent production of functionalized vehicle components. Other projects focus on the production of multi-material sensor-integrated components, the flexible integration of individual inserts and additively manufactured thermoplastic components, as well as the production of soft magnetic components using additive and subtractive laser processes.

The intersections areas Manufacturing for Mobility and Software-defined Manufacturing link this research field with the two research fields Mobility Technologies and Software-System-Architectures.

Research field and topics

The research field Manufacturing Systems is primarily active at the intersection with the other two research fields. However, research topics also deal with purely production-related issues:

  • Highly flexible and high-performance Production
  • Production Systems
  • Automotive Production at the intersection with Mobility Technologies
  • Software-defined Manufacturing at the intersection with Software-System-Architectures


Publications in the research field

Experimental Comparison of Cutting Natural Fiber Reinforced Composites with Continues Wave Lasers and Ablation Cutting with Ultra Short Laser Pulses

Christian Strohl, Kathrin Placzek, Daniel Holder, Christian Hagenlocher, Thomas Graf

Konferenzbeitrag: Conference on Lasers in Manufacturing (LiM)


Self-healing Fuel Cells by Biological Actuators

Patrizia Gartner, Gisela Lanza, Jens Rudat, Maximilian Bilger, Tom Grünert, Alexander Nesterov-Mueller, Nadine Zimmerer, Philipp Quarz, Philip Scharfer, Wilhelm Schabel, André P. Jung, Mareen Stahlberger, Stefan Bräs

Konferenzbeitrag: CIRP Life Cycle Engineering (05/2023)


Selective Peptide Binders to the Perfluorinated Sulfonic Acid Ionomer Nafion

Dimitry Schmidt, Patrizia Gartner, Ivan Berezkin, Jens Rudat, Maximilian Bilger, Tom Grünert, Nadine Zimmerer, Philipp Quarz, Philip Scharfer, Julian Brückel, André P. Jung, Pooja Singh, Pooja Pooja, Benno Meier, Mareen Stahlberger, Wilhelm Schabel, Stefan Bräse, Gisela Lanza, Alexander Nesterov-Mueller

Zeitschriftenbeitrag: Advanced Functional Materials (5/23)


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