Self-healing Fuel Cells by Biological Actuators

Patrizia Gartnera, Gisela Lanzaa, Jens Rudatb, Maximilian Bilgerb, Tom Grünertb, Alexander Nesterov-Muellerc, Nadine Zimmererd, Philipp Quarzd, Philip Scharferd, Wilhelm Schabeld, André P. Junge, Mareen Stahlbergere, Stefan Bräse

Zeitschriftenbeitrag: Procedia CIRP 116 (2023)


Selective Peptide Binders to the Perfluorinated Sulfonic Acid Ionomer Nafion

Dimitry Schmidt, Patrizia Gartner, Ivan Berezkin, Jens Rudat, Maximilian Bilger, Tom Grünert, Nadine Zimmerer, Philipp Quarz, Philip Scharfer, Julian Brückel, André P. Jung, Pooja Singh, Pooja Pooja, Benno Meier, Mareen Stahlberger, Wilhelm Schabel, Stefan Bräse, Gisela Lanza, Alexander Nesterov-Mueller

Zeitschriftenbeitrag: Advanced Functional Materials (5/23)


The final steps towards guaranteed quality and first-time-right - 3D printing with powder and wire enabled by OCT sensor technology

Kogel-Hollacher, M.; Boley, S, et al

Konferenzbeitrag: Lasers in Manufacturing (6/22)


Accuracy and microstructure of additively manufactured and post‐machined parts

Möhring, H.-C., Becker, D.

Konferenzbeitrag: Joint Special Interest Group meeting between euspen and ASPE Advancing Precision in Additive Manufacturing Inspire AG (9/22)


Sensor based concept for PEM fuel cell development based on the IPEK-X-in-the-Loop approach

Jan Haußmann, Katharina Bause, Sascha Ott

Konferenzbeitrag: Fuel Cell Conference Chemnitz (6/22)


Product-Production-CoDesign: An Approach on Integrated Product and Production Engineering Across Generations and Life Cycles

Albert Albers, Gisela Lanza, Monika Klippert, Louis Schäfer, Alex Frey, Fynn Hellweg, Philip Müller-Welt, Moritz Schöck, Carmen Krahe, Konstantin Nowoseltschenko, Simon Rapp

Konferenzbeitrag: CIRP Design Conference (6/22)



Albert Albers, Simon Rapp, Monika Klippert, Gisela Lanza, Louis Schäfer

Zeitschriftenbeitrag: WiGeP News(2/22)


Towards a universal manufacturing node: requirements for a versatile, laser-based machine tool for highly adaptable manufacturing

Michael Jarwitz, David Traunecker, Christian von Arnim, Niklas Müller, Steffen Kamer

Konferenzbeitrag: 12th CIRP Conference on Photonic Technologies [LANE 2022] (9/22)


Planning an updated isochronous real-time schedule for a reconfiguration without interrupting the real-time communication

Christian von Arnim, Armin Lechler, Oliver Riedel

Konferenzbeitrag: Jahreskolloquiums KommA (11/22)