Montithings: Model-driven development and deployment of reliable iot applications

Jörg Christian Kirchhof, Bernhard Rumpe, David Schmalzing, Andreas Wortmann

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Automated Model-Based Reliability Assessment of Software-Defined Manufacturing

Philipp Grimmeisen, Andrey Morozov, Tagir Fabarisov, Andreas Wortmann, Chee Hung Koo

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Generic Solution-Space Sampling for Multi-domain Product Lines

Marc Hentze, Tobias Pett, Chico Sundermann, Sebastian Krieter, Thomas Thüm, Ina Schaefer

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Feature-Interaction Sampling for Scenario-based Testing of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Lukas Birkemeyer, Tobias Pett, Andreas Vogelsang, Christoph Seidl, Ina Schaefer

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Using Logical Time to Ensure Liveness in Material Handling Systems With Decentralized Control

Seibold, Furmans, Gue

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Lehrkonzept der Veranstaltung Materialfluss in Logistiksystemen

Jacobi, Christoph; Mohring, Uta; Furmans, Kai

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ropS: Towards Proprioception in Cyber-Physical Production Systems by Means of Collaborative Localization

Klein, J.-F.; Enke, C.; Ries, M

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Point and interval estimation of decomposition error in discrete-time open tandem queues

Jacobi, Christoph; Furmans, Kai

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Development of a Safe Charging Infrastructure System: Requirements, Design, Verification and Validation

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