Resource efficient manufacturing of complex cooling structures

Leonard John, Dina Becker, Steffen Reuter, Hans-Christian Möhring, Martin Doppelbauer, Lars Berg

Konferenzbeitrag: Stuttgart Conference on Automotive Production (SCAP2022)


Spanntechnik beim Absägen von AM-Bauteilen

Dins Becker, Clemens Maucher, Hans-Christian Moehring

Zeitschriftenbeitrag: wt werkstattstechnik Vol. 112, pp. 61-66 (2022)


Investigation of the direct energy deposition process of CuSn10 on ceramic insulating layers

Kim Werkle, Simon Fink, Hans-Christian Möhring

Konferenzbeitrag: 10th CIRP Global Conference - Material Aspects of Manufacturing Processes (10/2022)


Self-adaptive digital twin reference architecture to improve process quality

Ann-Kathrin Splettstößer, Carsten Ellwein, Andreas Wortmann

Zeitschriftenbeitrag: Procedia CIRP, Volume 119 (06/2023)


Model predictive control for compliant feed drives with offset-free tracking behavior

Valentin Leipe, Christoph Hinze, Armin Lechler und Alexander Verl

Zeitschriftenbeitrag: Production Engineering (03/2023)


Robust parameterization with low tuning complexity of cascaded control for feed drives

Haijia Xu, Christoph Hinze, Armin Lechler, Alexander Verl

Zeitschriftenbeitrag: Control Engineering Practice 138, 105607 (9/23)


Self-healing Fuel Cells by Biological Actuators

Patrizia Gartner, Gisela Lanza, Jens Rudat, Maximilian Bilger, Tom Grünert, Alexander Nesterov-Mueller, Nadine Zimmerer, Philipp Quarz, Philip Scharfer, Wilhelm Schabel, André P. Jung, Mareen Stahlberger, Stefan Bräs

Konferenzbeitrag: CIRP Life Cycle Engineering (05/2023)


Selective Peptide Binders to the Perfluorinated Sulfonic Acid Ionomer Nafion

Dimitry Schmidt, Patrizia Gartner, Ivan Berezkin, Jens Rudat, Maximilian Bilger, Tom Grünert, Nadine Zimmerer, Philipp Quarz, Philip Scharfer, Julian Brückel, André P. Jung, Pooja Singh, Pooja Pooja, Benno Meier, Mareen Stahlberger, Wilhelm Schabel, Stefan Bräse, Gisela Lanza, Alexander Nesterov-Mueller

Zeitschriftenbeitrag: Advanced Functional Materials (5/23)


The final steps towards guaranteed quality and first-time-right - 3D printing with powder and wire enabled by OCT sensor technology

Kogel-Hollacher, M.; Boley, S, et al

Konferenzbeitrag: Lasers in Manufacturing (6/22)