BUP18 - EVOfib

Simulative investigation of novel hollow-core fiber designs for efficient guiding of radially and azimuthally polarized laser beams based on genetic algorithms

The aim of this project was to design hollow-core optical fibers that enable the guiding of radially and azimuthally polarized laser radiation with high peak power and energy in order to make the advantages of these polarization states industrially available and, in the long term, to replace currently existing optical fiber concepts. By using radially or azimuthally polarized laser radiation in material processing, both efficiency and quality of processing can be significantly increased. Designs are optimized using an FEM simulation model in conjunction with a genetic algorithm.

Within BUP33 - PHASE, the simulative results of BUP18 -  EVOfib shall be implemented in practice.

Key data

Research Field

Manufacturing Systems


01.06.2022 until 31.12.2022

Project participants


Thilo Zimmermann

Head of Research Coordination

+49 711 685 60960