Short-term Grants for International Collaborations

For multiple stays of international senior scientists at KIT or at the University of Stuttgart.

  • For whom: Postdocs, experienced scientists, professors from all countries.
  • Duration: several short research stays within one calendar year at KIT or the University of Stuttgart.

The "Future Mobility Grants" and the supplementary exchange program of the InnovationCampus Future Mobility (ICM) are designed to support international collaboration of the ICM with researchers from all over the world.

The partners of the ICM, University of Stuttgart and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), award "Short-term Grants for International Collaborations" to fund several short-term stays per year of experienced researchers worldwide at both partner institutions.

The planned research project will be carried out in cooperation with the scientific hosts of both partner institutions in Baden-Württemberg. Details on the research project and schedule must be agreed upon with the host institute prior to submitting the application. The "Short-term Grants for International Collaborations" are not designed to fund longer-term study travels or trainings. For longer research stays of several months, other funding tools have been launched under the "Future Mobility Grants" program.

The requirements for participation in the "Short-term Grants for International Collaborations" are given in the program information. All necessary documents and templates can be found below.

Applications can be submitted at any time. Please submit only complete documents in electronic form to mobilitygrants(at) or by mail to the following address:


Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Service Unit International Affairs
International Scholars & Welcome Office (IScO)
Keyword "Mobility Grants@InnovationCampus"
Adenauerring 2
76131 Karlsruhe


Questions & Answers

Applications can be submitted at any time. Applications are reviewed four times a year:

  • 15/10/2023 for the meeting of the Research Board on 09/11/2023
  • 07/01/2024 for the meeting of the Research Board on 25/01/2024

More dates to follow.

Collaborations with visiting researchers should demonstrate the potential for further development and the opening of perspectives for the ICM, the KIT and the University of Stuttgart and Baden-Württemberg through funding. You can contribute to this by developing strategic partnerships or regional emphases, or by creating synergies and giving impulses for new topics or for the future acquisition of funding (e.g. ERC Grant). The collaboration objective should be clearly stated in the corresponding grant.

The number and duration of short research stays for international senior scientists can be arranged flexibly within a calendar year according to the submitted budget. There is no specified limit. A short stay should not exceed 14 calendar days.

The billing of each research stay is based on internal guidelines for business trips of the respective university (KIT or University of Stuttgart). The reimbursement will be made according to the travel and accommodation expenses calculated according to the LRKG (state travel expenses law). Information about possible services can be found in the information sheet here (in German). The maximum amount of the funding grant will be communicated via the funding award. However, the final amount of funding will not be determined until the travel has been completed and the travel expense report has been submitted. This means that the maximum funding amount shown in the funding confirmation may be reduced afterwards. If the travel expense report includes higher funding than requested, the Institute must cover the additional costs.

The reimbursement of the travel and accommodation costs calculated according to the LRKG will be made after the completion of the travel. It must be made at the university within six months after completion of the travel via the host institute, see also the relevant guidelines of the universities. The grantees are required to pay all costs in advance. After the completion of the travel, the grant will directly be allocated and reimbursed by KIT or the University of Stuttgart. Note that the final reimbursement may last more than one-two months after receiving the necessary documents.

Additionally, the host institute can apply for a research allowance of up to €500 per month for costs incurred in carrying out the research project, such as, for example, material resources. This should already be requested at the time of the nomination.

The Welcome Center of the University of Stuttgart and the International Scholars & Welcome Office of the KIT offer a good overview for international researchers.

For further networking with various partners in the InnovationCampus and its research partners, we would also like to ask the guest scientists to give a talk in the context of our (public) colloquia. This offers a good opportunity to get to know the ICM and the researchers better and to develop further ideas and collaborations.

Self-application is not possible.

The nominating university lecturers must guarantee the necessary infrastructure (e.g. laboratory equipment, premises, access to the library) to carry out the research project. Written approval from the relevant institute management is required.

It is the task of the nominating university lecturers to ensure that the application documents are complete. Only complete applications are permitted for submission to the ICM Research Board.

The answers to some additional questions can be found on the central website. If you do not find any answer there, please contact us at mobilitygrants(at)

Catherine Baumann

Project Manager Future Mobility Grants

+49 173 9797896