BUP32 - DynaCharge

Dynamic charging of autonomous industrial trucks

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are increasingly used in intralogistics and material handling. The widespread use of AGVs in various industries to optimize material transport and logistics has led to an increased search for efficient charging solutions. Manufacturers of industrial loading systems are challenged by efforts to effectively utilize or reduce the downtimes of AGVs during the charging process in order to minimize the number of required AGVs.

Inductive charging systems already exist in material handling. However, there are currently no efficient dynamic charging systems for AGVs that can be easily installed and retrofitted.



The aim of the project is to develop and optimize a wireless power transfer system to be used in industrial environments. The system should be easy to set up and retrofittable. Simple integration into existing production or logistics environments should be guaranteed.



  • Conceptual considerations
  • Coil design & hardware design
  • Programming microcontroller and optional features
  • Test and validation
  • Optimization and standard compliance
  • Communication and finalization



The dynamic energy transfer is intended to completely eliminate the downtimes of industrial trucks. This means that the vehicles can be used without interruption and fewer industrial trucks are required. Increased availability of AGVs and reduced acquisition costs create significant added value for businesses in production and logistics.

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01.01.2024 until 31.12.2024

Project participants


Houssem Guissouma

Research Coordinator "Software-System-Architectures"

+49 172 9830585