EM7 - DefoRe

Design for Recycling

Already during design and construction, production, but also later recycling and material separation after end of life must be considered. Based on sustainable, hybrid natural fiber composites, components are designed load-specifically for this purpose, optimized numerically and manufactured. In addition, the use of natural fiber composites also improves the power-to-weight ratio and ride comfort, while the lightweight construction simultaneously reduces the moving mass.

Laser technology will be used to join and seal the hybrid natural fiber composites during component production and to separate them for material-specific recycling, thanks to its flexibility and precise, local processing.



  • Sorting of possible assemblies in the context of urban micro-vehicles
  • Concept development for multi-materials
  • Development of an optimization method for recycling-adapted topologies
  • Implementation of a manufacturing process and production of functional samples
  • Development of a recycling process
  • Implementation of a demonstrator component and technology validation

Key data

Research Field

Mobility Technologies


01.03.2022 until 29.02.2024

Project participants


Marcel Noeller

Research Coordinator "Mobility Technologies"

+49 721 608 45636