EM6 - ReMoS2

Effective reluctance machine for emission-free mobility without rare earths phase 2

In the previous project, a new machine concept for increasing the efficiency of synchronous reluctance machines (SynRM) or hybrid synchronous reluctance machines was presented. The new concept is based on solving the conflicting goals of pure SynRMs between optimal electromagnetic utilization of the rotor and mechanical load capacity by introducing an FRP reinforcement into the rotor and using magnets without rare earths. In this way, the efficiency can be improved and the power density can be increased by increasing the final speeds of the machine. For the second phase -ReMos2 - the construction of the prototypes is planned. For this purpose, the assumptions made about the interfacial strength between the electrical steel strip and the fiber-reinforced polymer will be investigated experimentally, the rotor geometry will be adapted according to the results, tools for injecting the polymer into the flux barriers will be designed, and the existing rotor and stator concepts will be validated by setups and measurements.

Key data

Research Field

Mobility Technologies


01.01.2022 until 31.12.2023

Project participants


Marcel Noeller

Research Coordinator "Mobility Technologies"

+49 721 608 45636