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With over 150 research projects, the ICM has now become a crucial link between its 50 partner institutes. Our new end-of-year video provides insight into this.

The year 2023 has gone exceptionally well for the ICM, far from being considered over already. We have expanded the research infrastructure in "The Länd" with two new professorships, along with new junior professorships and junior research groups. Since May, eleven additional Innovation Challenge consortia have been diligently working on pioneering solutions for the future of mobility and production. This initiative not only strengthens SMEs but also benefits smaller companies. Through our innovative formats, such as the ICM Accelerator and Transfer Bottom-Up projects, we are fostering a vibrant start-up culture in Baden-Württemberg.

Simultaneously, we have expanded our portfolio to include over 150 research projects and have solidified our position as an essential link within our network of more than 50 partner institutes.