Visiting Professors / International Experts

For advisory contracts of international senior scientists at KIT or at the University of Stuttgart.

  • For whom: Postdocs, experienced scientists, professors from all countries.
  • Duration: advisory contract with minimum duration of 12 months

The "Future Mobility Grants" and the supplementary exchange program of the InnovationCampus Future Mobility (ICM) are designed to support international collaboration of the ICM with researchers from all over the world.

With the grant "Visiting Professors/International Experts" the partners of the ICM, University of Stuttgart and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), support experienced scientists worldwide in long-term networking with the two partner institutions.

The international experts will be involved in the research topics of the two partner institutions in Baden-Württemberg with an individual scientific advisory contract. Details of the planned tasks must be agreed with the corresponding institute and the service units before the start of the advisory contract. The "Visiting Professors/International Experts" grants are not designed to fund longer-term study trips and visits. For these stays, other funding formats are available within the framework of the "Future Mobility Grants".

The requirements for participation in the "Visiting Professors/International Experts" are given in the program information. All necessary documents and templates can be found below.

Applications can be submitted at any time. Please submit only complete documents in electronic form to mobilitygrants(at) or by mail to the following address:


Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Service Unit International Affairs
International Scholars & Welcome Office (IScO)
Keyword "Mobility Grants@InnovationCampus"
Adenauerring 2
76131 Karlsruhe

Questions & Answers

Applications can be submitted at any time. Applications are reviewed four times a year:

  • 15/10/2023 for the meeting of the Research Board on 09/11/2023
  • 07/01/2024 for the meeting of the Research Board on 25/01/2024

More dates will follow.


The selection of nominees is based solely on the assessment of scientific qualification and necessity. Experienced researchers with both scientific background and past scientific achievements, as well as scientific fit with ICM’s research topics and the innovation potential of the proposed research topic may be nominated for this grant.

The integration of the “Visiting Professors/International Experts“ at the respective universities will take place through an advisory contract. The review and documentation for this advisory contract is carried out by the University of Stuttgart or KIT itself, depending on the individual case, and includes the following points:

  • Justification on why the person concerned is urgently needed in the extent intended;
  • Justification that or why the chosen hourly rate is appropriate;
  • Consideration of efficiency aspects or proof that, under the given general conditions, the work will nevertheless be carried out economically and sparingly.

The amount of the consulting fee results from the scientific qualification and the nature of the tasks. The hourly rate is between €60 and €120/h, but the monthly remuneration should not exceed €3,500. Tax issues must be clarified in advance. The invoices are to be submitted with VAT included.

The amount of the contract will be approved after successful contract drafting by the respective university. Only the signed consulting contract enables the cooperation and funding within the framework of the Visiting Professors/International Experts.

There is no opportunity to apply for a research funding to carry out the research for this grant.

The Welcome Center of the University of Stuttgart and the International Scholars & Welcome Office of the KIT offer a good overview for international researchers.

For further networking with various partners in the InnovationCampus Future Mobility and its research partners, we would also like to ask the Visiting Professor/International Expert to give a talk in the context of our (public) university colloquia. This offers a good opportunity to get to know the ICM and the researchers better and to develop further ideas and collaborations.

The answers to some additional questions can be found on the central website. If you do not find any answer there, please contact us at mobilitygrants(at)

Catherine Baumann

Project Manager Future Mobility Grants

+49 173 9797896