Cross-technology management and engineering of convergent TSN-based real-time communication based on mixed Ethernet and Wi-Fi networks

Industrial communication is undergoing a transformation towards convergent IT/OT networks to meet the requirements of digitalization and flexibilization. In addition to Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) as a basis, wireless technologies are becoming increasingly relevant. Wireless TSN (WTSN) is gaining importance as a less complex and less expensive alternative to mobile radio-based solutions. In order to use this future key technology for production engineering, the cross-technology use of deterministic functions, configuration, management and integration into engineering processes must be solved.


Aim, approach and benefit

The aim of the joint project is to make WTSN efficiently usable as part of future convergent real-time networks for production technology by creating an understanding of the system, researching methods for cross-technology management and engineering, establishing open solutions and supporting standardization.

To achieve these goals, the project is pursuing an open solution approach:

  • Based on a modeling of WTSN technology and mobile applications, a cross-technology management methodology will be developed, which will be integrated into open-source endpoint and engineering solutions and subsequently tested in practice.
  • In parallel, standardization and partners from industry and science will be supported.

The project will make an important contribution to the strategic goals of highly flexible, autonomous and software-defined production. The efficient usability of convergent real-time networks opens up great innovation potential for wireless and mobile components and applications such as autonomous robots, flexible reconfiguration and sensor integration.

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01.01.2023 until 31.12.2024

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Houssem Guissouma

Research Coordinator "Software-System-Architectures"

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