IC1 - Pocket Rocket H2

Improving the range and charging times of electric light motorcycles with H2 storage technologies

The trend for sustainable mobility in urban areas is towards electric drives. Due to their agility and flexibility, electric light motorcycles are becoming increasingly popular. To improve their range and charging times, the Pocket Rocket H2 project is investigating options for integrating a fuel cell range extender into the existing light motorcycle. The overall objective is to develop a compact system that can be integrated into the innovative frame design of the vehicle in a further step. The overall weight should remain comparable to the battery-electric version.



  • Design and evaluation of various drive concepts based on fuel cell and battery with regard to range and weight
  • Evaluation of H2 storage technologies for use in a light motorcycle
  • Construction and testing of key components as laboratory prototypes
  • Development of an operating strategy for the interaction between fuel cell system and battery
  • Design integration of the powertrain into the existing frame structure as a CAD model
Sol Motors

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Mobility Technologies


01.02.2022 until 31.05.2023

Project participants


Marcel Noeller

Research Coordinator "Mobility Technologies"

+49 721 608 45636