New junior research group "Dynamic quality control for the sustainable production of mobility solutions".

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Led by Dr.-Ing. Florian Stamer, the junior research group of the InnovationCampus Future Mobility (ICM) is working on the sustainable production of high-quality mobility solutions starting from returned products.

Especially in the vehicle industry, a change from the linear economic model towards a circular economy is necessary. A prerequisite for a circular economy is efficient closed-loop production. In this context, the junior research group considers the circular production from material input to the finished product or to recycling. The focus is on restoring the quality of the returned product, which is particularly critical for economic success. This requires intelligent quality control loops that regulate the remanufacturing processes on the basis of the required quality characteristics.

This challenge is also a research topic within the framework of the InnovationCampus Future Mobility, which will fund the junior research group "Dynamic quality control for the sustainable production of mobility solutions" starting in July.

Adaptive handling of unical products is key

Every returned product is unical, i.e. unique. Accordingly, each returned product must be handled differently.

In line with this, the junior research group is looking at adaptive manufacturing in the sense of remanufacturing or the production of spare parts as well as the use of standard spare parts. The implementation of further disassembly and the transfer of subsystems to recycling are included decision options. In all decisions, the reassembly of the components must always be taken into account in the control system. As the basis of the quality controller, the junior research group is developing a digital product-production twin that uses data from inspections and processes to create the necessary information base for an iterative and dynamic decision on the further steps of each individual component.

Products such as the starter motor are already part of closed-loop production today. However, they are currently handled purely manually.

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In 2017, Dr. Stamer graduated with honors in Industrial Engineering and began his doctoral studies at the wbk Institute for Production Technology. During his PhD, he was able to gain extensive experience on project initiation and execution of various (collaborative research) projects. Dr. Stamer completed his doctorate with distinction and, as a senior engineer at the wbk Institute of Production Technology, devotes his time to the development of intelligent quality control loops in a production context with his "Quality Assurance" group.

Dr.-Ing. Florian Stamer

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The unique combination of the competencies of the university and research locations Stuttgart and Karlsruhe will strengthen scientific excellence and the education of young scientists in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

For this the InnovationCampus Future Mobility (ICM) is establishing several junior research groups and junior professorships at both universities.

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