Welcome to our ICM Accelerator Program! We offer you two different programmes to promote innovation in the field of mobility.

Intrapreneur Program

Our first program is designed for academics working on outstanding solutions or doing research in the field of mobility and associated production. The focus of the Intrapreneurship program is on fostering the ideas and innovation you have within the existing university structures. We provide you with access to a network of experienced mentors and experts to help you develop and implement your ideas. We also offer workshops and training on topics as lean prototyping and stakeholder management.

Impressions from the first run can be found here:


ICM Early Ride Program

Our second program is specifically designed for mobility startups. We want to help young companies develop and implement their business ideas in the mobility sector. Our experienced mentors and experts will help startups develop their business models, find funding and launch their products. We also offer startups the opportunity to connect with other startups and potential investors in our exclusive ICM network.


The ICM Accelerator Program is a unique opportunity to foster and drive innovation. Let‘s shape the future of mobility together.


Dr.-Ing. Sandra Kauffmann-Weiss

Managing Director

+49 1523 9502655

Rick Lindner


+49 173 3767038